I'm Robby Fischer.  Dogtown Studio is the name of my video business, as well as an actual, physical studio where we record videos and music, as well as creative projects of all kinds.  My crew and I do video projects for businesses and organizations, and have worked for corporate brands like Merrell, MVP Sportsclubs, and MiKids Pediatrics.  We also do work for smaller local businesses. 

We don't want to just be another video business.  We want to use our resources to cultivate creativity and music in our local community. 


That's why we do the Dogtown Sessions:

What ARE Dogtown Studio Sessions?

Dogtown Sessions are live performances recorded in our studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the heart of it, it's a series BY musicians and FOR musicians. We've both played music and we've been in bands and we've seen ways that the bands can get overlooked or forgotten when business is the thing that gets prioritized.


So we want to try to do something different.


Our crazy idea that we're trying is this: We're doing these sessions for free for all of the bands. We do the video and audio recording, and the bands agree to help us with a crowdfunding campaign at the end of the year. Then we'll see how much we raise from that... and hopefully it's enough to fund another year's worth of free sessions for bands!


The recorded music industry (CD's, ect) has been taking a nosedive since the early 2000's, and it's becoming more and more irrelevant. And streaming services like Spotify and YouTube are paying artists, like, fractions of pennies for their work... so we can't really rely on any of these services to meet our needs.


But the good thing is: we don't have to. In today's age, we have the technology and capability to make the kinds of things that would have been really inaccessible to creators to make just a generation ago. There's enough equipment, resources, and talent in our own community to create those top-level productions... The same projects that used to require huge amounts record label funding from Warner Bros. or RCA are now things we can do in our own. In our basements. And in Dogtown Studio.


Now, we don't have to wait for permission from one of those big labels or media companies- we can just do it ourselves.


We're all we got- and we're all we need.